What is this feeling: A sense of destination?

I like the smell of water or a lack thereof. So, I like going to the beach (when I get a chance to) to watch the waves and soak in the freshness. It is something that often calms me and gives a sense of new beginnings. So this blog reminds me of watching the new waves or droplets of rain falling from the sky. You often cannot tell when it will end or if at all, it ever ends.
This blog is to explore the many things that I enjoy doing. I used to write, I loved writing but I stopped writing. Now, I want to retrace the steps of my 16-year-old self and enjoy the things that made me happy. I want to write about my student life, the importance of ambition and building up my resilience. But, its not all serious, I want to write about food and living in Brighton, culture and many more.

Perhaps, this feeling is one which marks new beginnings: the New Year and my new blog. In the previous year, I learnt a lot, a lot changed. Lost and rekindled friendships and my memories filled are with laughter enough to keep a candle burning, in my heart at least. I will also remember the many changes that occurred: I graduated university, turned 20, started a new job, moved from a home that I shared with my sister. As I sit at my desk, I reminisce on how 2017 tested my patience, dedication and resilience. What seemed like endless worries are now fully formed or shall I say, semi-formed shapes in my eyes. I better understand those tests and their importance.

Someday, it will all make sense
The journey here and there will reveal its meaning
The tears and laughter will be memories
Someday, maybe a Tuesday, I will understand this feeling

The name of my blog comes from two very important words to me: Dreams and Essence. When I graduated, I came to the realisation that the future that I once dreamed of was now. I am a thinker, I am a dreamer. Dreams are inexpensive, a place unguided by fear, an El Dorado where I can become anything that I wish to be. Reality is however very different, we pay a price for every wrong decision. Often times, in my dreams, I mould fresh new pages which keep me going in my stress-filled reality. As a thinker, I reflect a lot on the essence of virtually everything. The word ‘essence’ is what I am in search of- the numerous questions that I have about my existence.

So, this is to new beginnings and new destinations! Happy New Year!


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