Crossing the Bridge

I just finished an hour-long conversation with a friend in America that I met through LinkedIn. Honestly, this is where I get my monthly and sometimes weekly dose of motivation. For the most part, we talk about my journey and how to get to the goal. To find people so honest and interested in your success is rare. A person who is willing and able to invest time in seeing you succeed. For this, I am very grateful.

Our conversation today very much reminds me of the leap of faith that I took and need to continue to take. Talking about what it needs to be successful (whatever that means to you) does not equate to being the most intelligent person in the room. My friend said all it needs is diligence and passion and I agree. You need to be diligent when crossing a bridge especially those that are exceptionally challenging. I think we all have chapters in our lives that will remind us of one of those glass bridge that people walk through whilst wailing out of fear.

I have come to realise that life requires a number of things from us. It is our responsibility to seek out opportunities. It is our responsibility to believe that we are capable of holding this position of responsibility. It is our responsibility to convince the world of our potential and go after these opportunities. It is also our responsibility to ensure that we succeed when we are awarded this opportunity. One of the main themes in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers is an opportunity. This is what leads to even greater success- generational successes. But I do wonder, what would happen had Bill Gates or even Malcolm’s mother not grasped their opportunities with both hands.

Life is like a bridge after the other or shall I say a bridge is figurative for a chapter of your life. But some bridges are scary, they mean a lot more and failure is just not an option. My friend once said it leads to a sort of craziness that makes you not know or want to know what average is. The sort of blindness to anything and everything mediocre. I do not think that I have gotten to that level. Yet. I, all too well remember the moments that I have not gotten it right and so I am not immune yet. Then again, I think people operate from different sources of motivation. Some are motivated by fear, others by the feeling of success. I do not know if one is better than the other but I do think both can drive you to your goals.

Its one step after the other, day by day, poco a poco. And if you have the courage and sight to turn around, you might realise how far you have gone on the bridge. In the end, we have no choice but to be fine!


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