Drawing the Curtains: Resignation & Goodbyes

Dear (public) Diary,

Last week, I submitted my resignation letter. I just finished typing my handover document and I did not think I would feel a sense of nostalgia already but I do. I started this job last summer and it was my first ‘real’ job post-graduation. It seems like yesterday but it also seems like ages ago.

This is the third time that I am resigning from a job since I started working. Keeping in mind that I am twenty, it makes me feel a sense of loss and excitement. Loss because this is ‘adulting’, I am no longer the child that did not have to work or worry about climbing a professional ladder. With this comes inevitable goodbyes but I am excited because it is the beginning of yet another journey.

I am sure that you will agree that organisations are faceless when you remove the people. People make an organisation and when you think of a firm, you will think of your colleagues, the things that they did or how they acted. In my first job at Burger King, I made friends. When it was time to leave, the child in me did not want to say goodbye to these friendships but I very quickly learned. I learned that there is a difference between colleagues and friends. If you are lucky, you will get friends that are colleagues and vice versa.

Saying goodbye feels like the hardest part of this journey but it is not goodbye, I try to convince myself. ‘It cannot be- promise me! We will visit and travel the world together’ we say as we make empty plans. ‘Maybe we should get matching tattoos or matching necklaces?’ as I path ways with faces I might never meet again, hands I might never shake again. As I hugged my friends yesterday, I thought this could be it, the end of our paths crossing.

To all those that have helped on this journey, I want to say thank you because I do not think I will ever get the chance to. Thank you for being so incredibly kind to me. Thank you for being caring, for your advice when I needed a second opinion and for all the fun memories that we have shared. I know, I am being melodramatic, it must be the music that I am listening to as I write this!

To many of my friends that recently graduated, I will miss you and cannot wait to see the things that you go on to achieve. We must not give up on our dreams as we go on this uncertain journey called life. #Dreambig This chapter for me is now at an end but I hope that this is just the beginning of many more chapters on our friendship.

With love,



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Featured image by Carlos Caamal on Pexels.com

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