New Beginnings! Lessons from 2018

It is thirty minutes past six in the evening and I have dinner with a friend in an hour. I am currently making my first meal of the day- toast and scrambled eggs. Today has been weird but I think the best way to spend this time would be to reflect on the many lessons that I have learned in 2018.

2018 has been a great year. If I had to give a title to the year, it would be The Year of Strangers. It is not over yet but I cannot help but feel grateful for getting through the challenging moments and uncertainties.

Lesson 1: Walk through life with your head held high and a smile on your face

It is incredibly hard to do this. To remain calm in the storms of life but 2018 proved to me that with every hardship, there is ease. Everything comes to an end. If it is pain, it will end and if its happiness, it ends too. So make sure you keep your head held high in those trying moments and enjoy the sun in the happy moments. I also noticed that when I feel down, the natural reaction is to lower your head into your hands but I now force myself to look up and high. Try this trick when you feel down because it forces you to look up and not down.

woman wearing red hat and sunglasses
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Lesson 2: Take the jumps

It takes a level of arrogance not to question your abilities especially in new circumstances. I learned that life is uncertain. If you know it all, what would be the fun in that? Because you do not know what it would bring next, take life as it comes, enjoy the valuable moments. Document them, take more pictures even if your hair is not perfect. Most importantly, be fierce! This is to be continued in 2019.

girl in blue sweatshirt and pink skit in jumpshot photo
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Lesson 3: Dreams come true, rejections build you, faith keeps you going!

Dreams do come true, and it would only fail to come true if you fail to believe in yourself. I usually start my year with plans, new things that I wish to achieve, a couple of bad habits that I can improve on. This helps, I find, to keep me grounded as the months fly by. It also helps to envisage how you want your year to go. A favourite quote of mine reads: If your mind can conceive it, then you can achieve it. So, dream about those goals and work towards them. I learned in 2018, my own formula to rejection- time. I give myself a few days- then I come back even more prepared! All with faith.

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Lesson 5: Meet meet people!

Friendships are seasonal and I am grateful for those that have stood the test of time. On the other hand, I have learnt to move on from those that are not worth the stress. I have made the best of friends this year and rekindled old friendships. Lost some but gained some.  The real ones that are able to grow with you regardless of your diverging paths are the real ones- keep them close. Enjoy the moment that you have now with your friends, do not forget those who hurt you but do forgive them. Do not hang on to dead friendships, that is a waste of life. Special shout out to my sister, Wunmi, Shile, Amy, Hang, Eze et al.

Apart from friends, I met the most amazing and brilliant people in 2018. People that I find fascinating and incredibly knowledgeable. I hope that 2019 brings me more of those people who I can look up to.

two women eating
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Lesson 6: Health first

I turned 21 and for the first time in my life, I do not think that I am immortal. I know I am a mortal. At the beginning of 2018, I dislocated my knee and I decided then that I needed to take active steps to address this given that I did not take my physiotherapy sessions seriously. I am starting to learn that health comes first. It is only when you have your health right, can you start to plan other things. This is something I am and you should be extremely grateful for.


person using black blood pressure monitor
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Lesson 7: Be compassionate and hold your loved ones close

I have seen many traumatising videos of children ill around the world and the many evils that we have on this earth and I have never felt so helpless. The world needs more love. The world is diseased. What really gets to me is that children who have made no contributions to the status quo get the brunt of it. I would at this moment say a little prayer that 2019 brings a more peaceful world for us all.

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Here is to 2018- the year of strangers. Massive thanks to everyone that contributed to making my year meaningful!


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