Top Secret: Cooking Tips for Students

Shhhh! Promise not to tell anyone. These are kitchen secrets that I learned whilst cooking as a student. Just ways to cut corners without jeopardising the taste and make your life easier. You are a chef genius in the making!

Cook your spaghetti without breaking it

The secret to cooking spaghetti without breaking it if you have a small pan is to place some foil paper on the edges of the pan. Lean the spaghetti towards this part of the pan. That way, you don’t burn the spaghetti and you have the best of both worlds.

food healthy vegetables italian
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Freeze your fresh peppers and onions chopped up

You might think why not just buy frozen peppers then but I like the taste of the fresh ones. Slice or dice them up and place into a freezer bag, ready whenever you are!

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Don’t spend on expensive cooking equipment

I know you are tempted to buy the latest cooking equipment: the deep fryer, rice cooker, pressure cooker and you name it! But it is simply pointless to spend so much money when you can get it for a cheaper price. Where you ask. From graduating students! Most graduating students would be glad to rid of many of the things they acquired over the years. You can get things for a bargain, really good cooking pots for less than a tenner and barely used too! Find out more at your Students Union or Facebook groups/pages.

Craving pizza #Brokepizza

Simply buy a pizza base of less than one pound from any supermarket. You can add anything that you have in your fridge as a topping! Repeat after me: Papa Johns is never ever getting my money again! Maybe they will just not on a regular basis.

beef cheese circle delicious
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Don’t buy it, make it!

You need to decipher what you spend the most money on. What is your guilty pleasure? For me, it was waffles and my accomplice Nyasha did not make it easy for me to resist. So, I decided to invest in waffle maker which costs £20. You get to make an endless amount of waffles at the cost of four waffles! I also make my cupcakes- this is good because I can put a limit on how many I can eat, it tastes better and works out cheaper.


Source cheap!

Another tip is to also go into the supermarkets and take note of the expiry dates of your favourite items. I like sea bass but its a bit expensive. So, I go in and take note of the expiration date. Go back in, the evening before this expiration date and thank me later!

Lunch + Cheap = LunCHEAP

For me, the biggest worry in addition to the cost of lunch was what exactly to eat. I solved that problem by making wraps for lunch everyday. It is flexible and you can put anything (edible of course) inside so you don’t get bored and broke too! Try this with bagels or bread and you are never going to waste a dime or time on lunch again!

burrito chicken delicious dinner
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Always look out for expiration dates

There is no point in buying it and not eating it. Make a list of expiration dates of foods in your fridge and set reminders right before they expire.

Nail down 5 one-pot meals

I make a really good one-pot fried rice; chicken and potatoes; spaghetti and many more. If you do not feel like being a masterchef, this can save you the effort, time and money when you are really hungry. I also eat from the pot sometimes and save on the washing up! #Lazy #Iamnotatmyparents

food chicken fresh rice
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Know what to share 

Things like milk, jam, eggs are things that you might consider sharing with your other housemates. It prevents food waste and duplication which will save fridge space. Unless of course, you don’t get along. Then, you should just stay away from anything that does not belong to you.


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